Support the Whitfield Education Foundation by giving a donation online, sending tax-deductable gifts, and many more options.

Online Donations

Visit our Donations Page to donate and buy tickets to annual events.

Payroll Deduction

Employees of Whitfield County Schools have always been supportive of the work of the Foundation and have taken advantage of the opportunity to contribute through payroll deduction. These contributions are vital to the continuation of the work of the Foundation. Forms for payroll deduction may be obtained by calling the Foundation office at (706) 217-6756.

Major Gifts

The Foundation accepts major gifts as tax- deductible contributions from individuals as well as businesses. For more information on making a major contribution, please contact the Foundation office.

Memorial/ Honorarium Contributions

Memorial and honorarium contributions may be made to the Foundation to remember special individuals. Contributions made in memory or honor of someone are acknowledged with a note to the family recognizing the gift remembering or honoring their loved one.

Memorial Scholarship Fund

Over the years, the Foundation has worked with numerous families or private entities to set up scholarships as memorials or honorariums. The Foundation accepts the donations and assists with coordination in awarding the funds to recipients within the Whitfield County Schools. Individuals interested in setting up a scholarship fund should contact the Foundation office. All donations to the Whitfield Education Foundation are tax-deductible.

Millennium Million Fellow (MMF)

The Millennium Million Fellow endowment was started in 2001 to ensure the continuation of the work of the Foundation. Millennium Million Fellows pledge to give a minimum contribution of $3000 to the Foundation over ten years. The funds raised through the endowment are held in reserve and are not a part of the general operating budget. Individuals interested in becoming a Millennium Million Fellow should contact the Foundation office.